BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – This past week, the body of Eliza Fletcher was discovered. Police say she had been kidnapped during an early morning run near the University of Memphis.

Running during the late hours or early mornings when it is dark out may pose some safety risks.

WKBN spoke with Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene about things you should be mindful of when exercising during the early hours in public places.

Sheriff Greene said people who prey on other individuals act on opportunity and don’t want to get caught. This means they target places that are not crowded and are dark or isolated.

Greene said it’s important to keep aware of your surroundings, and that may include taking out the headphones.

“Your sense of hearing is very important, especially if you are worried about your surroundings or who may be out there,” he said.

Greene also stressed having a plan in place in case something does happen. This could mean keeping your phone on you at all times, carrying pepper spray, or making sure a friend or family member can track your location.

“We all run on our own clocks and our own times, and we are by ourselves. Just really pay attention, know the terrain you’re on, know the area, make sure the area you are running in is a safe area to run in,” he said.

Greene said it is a good idea to change the route or path you run. The more you vary your location, the harder it is for somebody to track you.