How to prevent kitchen fires this Thanksgiving

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(WKBN)- Thanksgiving is one of the busiest day for firefighters.

The reason it’s the busiest day for them all comes down to this one phrase: cooking the turkey.

Thanksgiving actually leads every day out of the year for the most residential fires caused by cooking equipment from deep frying your bird.

Fire officials say that knowing the right ingredient and their amounts are key to not catching things on fire.

“Any oil that overflows will go in the flames causing fire. you need to not do it inside, in a garage, or overhang. It should be 10 to 15 feet away from your home. it needs to slowly be lowered down into the oil,” said Cardinal Joint Fire District Deputy Chief Matt Rarick.

He says to also keep kids, pets, and additional people away from the deep fryer.

There are plenty of other ways cooking your bird can cause a fire. The obvious one being the oven, but also leaving anything cooking unattended.

Fire officials say to always make sure someone is keeping an eye on the cooking process and for anyone preparing a meal to be prepared if there is a fire.

“Have a wet down nearby, have a lid by, make sure you have some salt, baking soda something to put the fire out. And if the fire gets too big have the fire extinguisher ready or have the phone ready to call 911,” Rarick said.

One of the biggest mistakes people can make is pouring water on anything that is grease and if there is a fire in the oven do not open the door.

Fire officials say that no matter what you’re doing this Thanksgiving just do it safely.

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