CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s hard to believe that the last time we saw rain was on May 20. We have had lots of sunshine and hot weather over the last couple of weeks. This can have a huge impact on lawns and golf courses.

At the Kennsington Golf Club in Canfield, they are using their sprinkler system a lot overnight. Golf Course Superintendent Sean Novotny says the club is averaging about 1 million gallons of water a night, which is jacking up their water bill. His team is also hand-watering and using wetting agents to let the water soak into the course, because the hot weather can cause some issues with the soil.

“We started using a lot of wetting agents to help the water infiltrate the ground. It helps with positive and negative charges with the soil particle. When it gets really hot, really dry soil will repel water instead of absorbing it. So that will kinda break down the molecule and let the water get to where it needs to go,” Novotny said.

Novotny is pulling back a bit as it comes to mowing the course as well.

“When it gets hot and dry like this, you’ll get more roll your ball. We back off the mowing a little bit, so we are not mowing as much. But we still try to keep to a schedule so that the place is playable,” he said.

Novotny gave some insight if your lawn is looking a little brown or even dried out.

“Don’t water every day because the roots will only go to where the water goes. So if you go every three days and get a good soaking into your yard, that’s what you want to do because then your roots will go deeper and deeper to find that water… proper fertilization,” he said.

Novotny says early mornings are key to watering your lawn.

The ponds at Kennsington are also looking a little low. Novotny says if more rain doesn’t come in the next few weeks, they will have to fill them, which will be costly.