How to know if lakes are frozen enough for ice fishing

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When temperatures start dipping again, we know some of you may want to go ice fishing. But how do you know if it’s safe?

Just a few weeks ago, a local family fell through the ice on Mosquito Lake. 

The few days we just spent below 0 degrees weren’t enough to freeze over lakes before the surge in warmth got here this week.

We talked to a fisherman who says overnight subfreezing temperatures and warm afternoons add layers of milky, cloudy ice. 

“You never really know that the ice is safe. Ice is never really consistent. There are soft spots, weak ice. You never wanna trust the ice and give it a blanket statement that this ice is safe, and we’re good to go out now,” said Jonathan Creed, vice president of the YSU Bass Club.

He says clear ice is safer.

You should also always be checking the depth and thickness.

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