Taking time to check your car could save the lives of stray cats this winter

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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN)- You can often be in a rush as you’re getting ready to head to work in the morning.

Slowing down and taking an extra minute could save a life of a small animal.

The winter months are approaching and temperatures are dropping, so it is good to take an extra moment to check your care for animals.

Cats and other animals sometimes will find their way to shelter on top of car tires and underneath the car hood. Before turning the car on all you need to do is give your hood a good tap. The sound should shoo off any stray cats or other animals that may seek shelter in those places.

“This can expel any cats or also maybe a possum or a racoon that would be hiding in there, making sure everyone is safe,” said Emily Greve of Animal Welfare League.

The Animal Welfare League said there is one thing people can do to avoid a large amount of strays in their neighborhood.

“The big thing is making sure that we don’t have so many community cats in the first place. so organizations like ours and other shelters and rescues in the area do offer lots of different options for low cost spay and neuter,” Greve said.

For those with outdoor cats, Greve said it is good to have somewhere for them to go and shelter during the winter. Having a straw bed in the garage is one simple way to do this.

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