(WKBN) — The holiday season brings around fun activities, like baking and new toys, but with the excitement, families still need to be cautious.

While you’re out shopping for toys to put under the tree this Christmas, Akron Children’s Hospital’s Regional Injury Prevention coordinator Bill McMahon has some tips for you to keep in mind.

“Make sure that we’re buying age-appropriate toys. Make sure that if you’re buying toys for older children, that the older children understand that the small pieces and things like that, they need to keep out of their siblings’ hands,” McMahon says.

He also suggesting making sure you let your children know if a toy requires adult supervision.

“There’s a lot of cooking products and stuff like that now that’s geared toward kids,” McMahon says. “We want to make sure the children understand that we can’t do this unless Mom or Dad or a trusted adult is around.”

There are also online resources to use if you need help determining what is considered safe for your child.

Safe Kids Worldwide has a great break down of what are safe toys and what are not safe toys for different age groups. It also talks about different toys that they don’t recommend because there may be recalls,” McMahon says.

And as the family gathers in the kitchen for some holiday baking, McMahon has some reminders.

“If you’re going to be doing those fun activities with the children, making sure that they understand oven safety, making sure they understand that this is an extremely hot surface and just making sure that you’re not taking your eyes off of them,” he says.

If your child gets burned while you’re in the kitchen making those holiday treats, McMahon says it’s not a good idea to not put an antibiotic ointment — such as Neosporin or Vaseline — on the injury, as this will only make it worse.

“That heat will then make that ointment hot,” McMahon says. “The best thing to do is running it under cold water. If it’s really severe, just isolating the burn as best as you can so they’re not touching at it, and calling 911.”

For more tips on keeping everyone safe during the holidays, visit the National Safety Council’s website.