How to eat healthy through the holiday season

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(WKBN) – You’re probably looking forward to all the goodies on Thanksgiving, but a lot of people tend to overeat during the holidays.

This holiday season you can still enjoy all the goodies, you just have prepare yourself.

Local experts say a lot of people gain a little weight, about two pounds, over the holidays and most of the time they don’t take it off.

Apryl Hostetler, a registered dietician, also says to plan ahead and eat lighter throughout the day before you go to your holiday dinner.

Once you get to dinner, focus more on whole foods, roasted meats and vegetables, things that are lower in fat which tend to be lower in calories.

But just because it’s the holidays and you’re trying to refrain from overeating or gaining weight, you don’t have to miss out on the holiday favorites.

“Then watch the portion sizes on those. You don’t want to splurge too much,” Hostetler said. “Doesn’t mean you can’t have it but try to balance out those calories with fruits, veggies whole grains so you’re not really starving and you tend to overdue on some of that.”

She also says to see what they have first before you start putting food on your plate, and it’s important to stay active during this time.

“You just have to train yourself and think OK, we’re back in a New Year and I need to start eating healthier, because in the long run for your health…That’s what’s going to be important,” Hostetler said.

She says to make some changes but make them gradually.

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