COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s that time of year when people will begin heading out to pick pumpkins.

Across the country, pumpkins are in season during the fall and are often used for Halloween decorations.

Craig Mercer, the owner of Catalpa Grove Farm, said they are pleasantly surprised that it has turned out to be a good year to grow pumpkins. He was worried in August because they weren’t seeing much growth due to the hot summer weather, but the farm uses drip irrigation which helped keep the plants hydrated.

Drip irrigation works by creating a small wet area along the side of the plant, which helps with growth and to eliminate the chance of disease.

“The pumpkin crop has turned out to be a really good crop this year for us. It varies, some growers I know if they didn’t irrigate telling me it’s not quite as good a crop, but our crops are really nice,” Mercer said.

The last two seasons have been exceptional for pumpkins, Mercer said, with people being home and wanting to decorate more due to the pandemic.

Because of inflation, the price of pumpkins at Catalpa Grove did increase by one cent a pound, Mercer said. He also noticed that inflation is starting to bite and people are more frugal with their money.