YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – School officials across the Valley weighed in on how they decide whether to cancel classes or go on a two-hour delay during winter weather.

On Thursday, Austintown Schools ended up going on a two-hour delay for the cold weather.

Superintendent David Cappuzzello said it was the perfect conditions for a delayed start.

“Negative 8 gets my attention, OK? And negative 10-ish, in that area and sustained? That’s when I start getting serious about OK, how long is it going to be, how long are the kids going to be outside standing in this, and then what’s the time frame of when it starts warming up?” Cappuzzello said.

He said that each situation is different and needs to be looked at each time.

There is no blanket way to make a decision.

One factor, too, was that some students walk, and it was just too cold, and not all the sidewalks are cleared of snow.

Not every school district uses a two-hour delay. The school is either open or closed. That is what Youngstown City Schools does. Thursday, the district was closed due to frigid weather.

Youngstown Schools do not have a two-hour delay. This is mainly because of transportation. The district has 16 schools but provides transportation for 45 schools.

On top of that, they don’t do individual pick-up for students at their homes. All students wait at a designated bus stop.

“To have students out there waiting like that and be susceptible to frostbite, it is just something we can’t have,” said Stacy Quinones of YCSD.

It is good to note, some school districts have the ability to pick a lot of kids up near their house, which is why some ended up going to school during chilly days versus delaying or closing.

The consensus from school officials that WKBN spoke with is that they just want students to be safe.