COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Everyone knew we were going to get snow, but no one knew how much. The village of Columbiana developed a plan to get started on the roads early.

Columbiana called all of its plow drivers in at 8 a.m. — seven drivers for seven trucks. They quickly saw a need to focus on the main roads and keep them open as the storm was beginning.

“This came pretty quick and pretty steady,” said Columbiana Street Superintendent Jesse Wilson.

And the snow just kept coming. Their plan worked on the main roads, so they worked on the next step.

“As we got later in the day, started working on side streets at 7. Couldn’t keep up, nobody could,” Wilson said.

The trucks were loaded with salt since the temperature stayed warm enough for it to be very effective on the roads. Columbiana calculates that it used 100 tons during the storm.

All of the work silenced most of the critics.

“Not too many complaints, regular one or two. Everybody, outstanding. We really appreciate that for sure,” Wilson said.

The work was not done once the sun came up. The workers were still driving around town and making sure they hadn’t neglected any corner of the city.

“Just a few side streets. Hit main drags again. Go home and get sleep, clean up tomorrow morning,” Wilson said.

The drivers had been on the clock for 16 to 20 hours. Wilson said they benefited too with no one sick and no call-offs.

Wilson gave the drivers and the city a grade A for how they handled the storm.

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