Hospitals weren’t sold on Valley’s first ambulance service until one moment changed everything

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(WKBN) – Lane Life Trans EMS has come far since it started in the ’50s.

Lane Life Trans was built from Lane Funeral Homes. As far as its transportation at the time, it was a hearse with a light on top, a cot in the back and maybe a bottle of oxygen.

President and CEO Joseph Lane said he called it a “horizontal taxi.” He said it was basically two guys coming to pick someone up and take them to the hospital.

“I’m very proud of where things have come over the years, of where they’ve gone since the beginning of the great EMS expansion across the United States. And about 1975, historically speaking, in this area, the first EMT classes started.”

Lane was one of the instructors for those early EMT classes. The more people he met doing that, the more knowledgable he became in paramedicine and realized it could be an asset to the Valley.

With the help of one Trumbull County doctor, they were able to get the protocols to do certain procedures in the field.

At first, local hospitals wanted nothing to do with it, saying they wouldn’t accept Lane’s orders, but Lane started doing transports anyway.

It wasn’t until Lane’s first save in Austintown that calls started coming in from people who were interested in what they were doing.

“A lady had a heart attack and had a full arrest,” Lane said. “Totally unconscious, quit breathing, heart stopped in the center of Austintown. And we ended up bringing that lady back and she walked out of the hospital.”

Lane said he’s so proud of how far they’ve come and for the people who continue to make them successful.

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