HOWLAND TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – A local rehabilitation hospital prides itself on helping patients regain their independence so they’re able to return home. One patient says he’s seen big improvements since coming to the facility.

Clint Freeman came to Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital for inpatient services about a week and a half ago after he experienced complications from a spinal surgery on Aug. 22. He’d spent more than a week in the hospital and needed help doing basic things like getting out of bed.

“How can the body atrophy so fast?” says Freeman. “Coming in, I was kind of hunched over and sore when I got up after the operation.”

Freeman has been working on his exercises and learning to perform basic functions with help from the team of therapists at Hillside.

“[They] teach you how to dress yourself and wash yourself and other things,” says Freeman. “They go through everything here.”

Clint Freeman says he feels stronger – like he has more “pep” – and is getting better every day.

“Our focus here at Hillside is to get the patient home,” says Jeffrey Koontz, Hillside chief administrative officer. “Over 70% of our patients do return home with their loved ones.”

Physical therapist Christine Snipes says it’s rewarding to see patients improve.

“It really gives you a good feeling, a sense of having made a difference in someone’s life,” says Snipes.

As for Freeman, he says he should be able to go home in a few weeks. He looks forward to the day he’ll be able to walk with his wife around the park again.