‘Hope President Biden has more courage,’ Sen. Brown says of expanded gun control

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He said that "weapons of war," as he called them, need to be taken off the streets

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKBN) – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown talked about the shooting in Boulder, Colorado, during a conference call Tuesday with reporters.

He said that “weapons of war,” as he called them, need to be taken off the streets.

Brown said state lawmakers in Colorado have had opportunities to pass legislation making the buying of so-called “assault rifles” more difficult, adding that Ohio lawmakers had the same opportunity following a mass shooting in Dayton.

“Waiting periods, that kind of thing, and we were unable. The governor and the legislature changed their minds, and didn’t stand up to the gun lobby. So, I’m hopeful that President Biden has more courage than those other elected officials,” Brown said.

President Biden urged federal lawmakers Tuesday to pass what he calls an “assault weapons ban.”

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