TRUMBULL CO., Ohio (WKBN) – Trumbull County is still dealing with the aftermath of Saturday’s storm as toppled trees are wreaking havoc.

“We’ve had everything from trees down — trees down on wires, trees down on houses, trees down on cars. So we had a myriad of circumstances across the township,” said Howland Fire Chief James Pantalone.

The bed of a truck crumbled under the weight of a large tree off Weir Road. On Howland-Wilson Road, a tree fell on a house and another on top of a van. It’s a lot of damage that led some homeowners to have their trees checked.

“Property owners like this, they just want to get their trees down now that they see what damage they can do,” said Gary Bickel with Bickel’s Tree Service.

Henn Hyde Road in Howland remained closed Monday afternoon following Saturday’s high winds. Debris from a large tree and caution tape warning of an electrical hazard lined the side of the road.

Despite warning from emergency responders to avoid the area, one driver moved the barricade blocking the street and drove right through. Officials warn against doing that.

“There have been a couple incidents in the county already from just this weather storm where there was a pet that was injured from a downed wire. We put road closed signs up and cones up for a reason,” Pantalone said.

Other parts of the county were also dealing with storm damage on Monday. In Warren, a large tree limb partially blocked Fairway Drive.

Some roads in the city also remained closed Monday afternoon, including Draper Avenue, where a utility pole snapped in half, leaving the top half dangling and a street light resting on the road.