WARREN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) — Trumbull County homeowners in areas known to flood could face higher premiums under a new federal insurance rate calculator.

Whenever there’s a flood warning, the water will rise in Warren Township’s Meadowbrook neighborhood.

“There’s not a question about if it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of the severity of it,” said TJ Keiran, floodplain administrator for the Trumbull County Planning Commission.

Keiran said there are about 250 properties in that area located in either a floodway or floodplain in a neighborhood developed before FEMA created the flood insurance rate maps in 1978.

“Normally, right now, you would never allow a structure in a floodway,” said Keiran.

FEMA has been working on updating pricing calculations for the National Flood Insurance Program. As of last month, the new Risk Rating 2.0 now applies to all renewing policies.

Keiran said the goal is to better identify properties in flood hazard areas and minimize repeated risks.

Although the regulations haven’t changed, Keiran said FEMA could request enforcement to get the property into compliance should the agency notice a violation during a submit for rate process.

“Frustrating is probably an understatement,” said Warren Township Trustee Edward Anthony.

Anthony said people in the township feel blindsided. He lives in a different neighborhood by the Mahoning River on Wakefield Road.

“Whether it’s a waterway that has to be cut — if that is what they’re talking about — or stilts, you’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars, and you know, I’m one of these residents. I know it would be a hard time affording that,” said Anthony.

“There are funds available that we can compete for to help property owners to achieve compliance with the flood protection regulations while still living in their home,” said Keiran.