HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Last spring we told you about what’s believed to be the oldest house in Howland, most commonly called the yellow house. It needs to be moved from its location on Route 46 so a new interchange at Route 82 can be built. The moving date is Sunday, July 24 at 6:30 a.m. Thursday, they were preparing for the move.

Mortar from a 140-year-old chimney was being broken up Thursday afternoon as part of the preparation for moving Howland’s historic yellow house. A room built in the late 1800s and another off the side are not being moved. Rather it’ll only be the original front section that was built in 1830.

“It would be really nice to have the 1880, 1890 house which we have pictures of. But saving the original house is the main part,” said Cindee Mines with the Howland Historical Society.

Mines led the effort to save the house. A crew from Youngstown’s Murphy Contracting Company is preparing the house for the move.

“So the house is going to get a new foundation. So all the floor joists are going to get reused and then all the timbers that are not going to be reused are going to be saved and salvaged and repurposed,” said Brent Hageman with Murphy Contracting.

In fact, some of the timbers from the late 1800s were visible and still in good shape. When the ceiling was removed the original cedar shake shingles could also be seen as well as the original trusses.

“They come in with a big forklift. Put them through the basement windows. Lift up the house,” said Mines.

The house will go up and down the nearby Route 82 entrance and exit ramps then north on 46 for a half-mile to land across from Howland Middle School. 13 months ago, it appeared the house would be demolished. But then owner Jason Altobelli donated it and the Ohio Department of Transportation agreed to pay the $400,000 to move it.

“Oh, we’re ecstatic. We are just ecstatic. I just can’t wait. It’s a dream come true. We worked hard. All of our team worked hard. But we just never really were positive it would happen,” said Mines.

The Howland Historical Society still needs money to pay for a new basement, a new roof, and a parking lot. They don’t know yet how much. That comes after the move.