HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Last May, the Ohio Department of Transportation announced the historic E.N. Brown House would need to be demolished to make room for a new intersection that’s going to be built where Routes 46 and 82 come together.

Now, it’s being relocated.

“It’s so exciting, everybody kept saying it’s not going to work — ‘It’s too much trouble, they can’t save it,” said Cindee Mines with the Howland Historical Society.

On Saturday, the Howland Historical Society met with the moving company that’s clearing the land and moving the house.

Trees on the plot of land must be removed by the end of March. Mines with the Howland Historical Society said they are set to make that deadline.

“Through the Army Corp of Engineers recommendation, they had to be cut down before the end of March because of something with bats,” Mines said.

The house is expected to be moved onto the plot of land across from the Howland Middle School by July 4.

The back room and other areas of the home need to be removed so they want good weather while covering those areas back up.

It’s location lets the home serve as an educational opportunity for students.

“That’s one of our goals is to have it as a teaching tool and tell the story of Howland,” said Mary Jane Vennitti with the Howland Historical Society.

The Howland Historical Society says it’s thrilled to be able to save the historic landmark, especially as it’s one of the few historic homes remaining in Howland.

“It’s a dream come true for me personally to see this saved,” Vennetti said.

The house is expected to be open by April of 2023 for visitors to tour again.