Highway Patrol follows school buses to ensure safety, catch violations

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Every year in October, Highway Patrol spends one week monitoring school buses and school zones throughout Ohio

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The Ohio State Highway Patrol has been following school buses to ensure safety and catch violators.

Every year in October, OSP spends one week monitoring school buses and school zones throughout Ohio.

“The main thing is to protect the children,” Lieutenant Brad Bucey said. “I think people start to get used to the school zones and if they’re driving them every day and they never see a police officer in them, then they kind of get lax with the speed.”

He said they are also watching the bus drivers to make sure they are following the correct protocol when dropping students off.

So far, Highway Patrol in Canfield — which covers all of Mahoning County — has given out more than 100 citations in the past week related to school bus violations.

What they look for are drivers who do not stop when the school bus starts flashing its red lights and the red stop sign appears.

“The yellow light is a caution. It’s a warning, ‘We’re getting ready to stop.’ Once they’re coming to a stop, they turn their red flashing lights on. Then on the side of the bus, the driver’s side, the little stop sign comes out,” Bucey said.

He said if the lights are yellow and you’re already passing through, it’s OK. But once the lights turn red, anyone who drives through will get a citation.

Bucey said on four-lane roads, drivers in the opposite direction do not need to stop, but both lanes in the same direction of the school bus must stop.

So far, he said Mahoning County hasn’t seen any injuries due to school bus violations.

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