YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A group of future firefighters spent Monday getting some hands-on training from Youngstown’s bravest.

The cadets are high school seniors attending the firefighter academy at Youngstown’s Choffin Career Center.

Monday morning, they learned search and rescue techniques alongside city firefighters.

Although the course is designed for adults, if they students make it through they will be state certified — and able to apply for jobs within any department in Ohio.

“It’s really an intense class, they have to meet not only their high school standards, they have to actually meet state standards on attendance, on grades… so they’re not only working for a high school diploma, they’re actually working for state certification also,” said Youngstown Fire Department captain Gene Cook.

The course has been taught the last five of six years and some of its graduates now work as firefighters with a number of local departments.