MINERAL RIDGE, Ohio (WKBN) – Students in Mineral Ridge took advantage of the nice weather to test out their 3D printed gliders they made in computer class.

Eighth graders at Mineral Ridge High School spent part of their afternoon outside. They were testing their 3D printed gliders. The project materials are local from Invent 2 Make in Youngstown.

The group project started on the computer, where students built their plane. Then, once they were printed, it was time to take flight.

“Our plane, our glider kinda broke a little bit and then we fixed it. And I think we fixed those difficulties,” said Karlee Roden, eighth grader.

Students found out quickly the lesson extended beyond just an assignment.

“What can they work through with partner with their group and really like figure out not real world problems because they’re probably not deal with gliders, but they can deal with problems that come up with, you know, not even set answers or set things,” said Sam Amoline, teacher.

Students worked in groups and said they had to rely on one another to get the job done.

“Projects like this are fine because I think it gets most of us involved,” said Eric Delauder, Eighth grader.

“Getting to know them a little bit better on how they work on different projects, like if its harder or easier for them,” said Savannah Turek, eighth grader.

Amoline says this is the first year he has done the glider project at the school. He says the Invent 2 Make program has been a great collaboration with the district.