Hershey’s video crew highlights Handel’s ice cream

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The Handel's on South Avenue in Boardman was one of the many stops the Hershey's video crew made

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Hershey’s and Handel’s have been a team ever since the ice cream company was founded 76 years ago. Now, Hershey’s is honoring Handel’s with a special video presentation.

The Handel’s on South Avenue in Boardman was one of the many stops the Hershey’s video crew made Thursday. Everyone who bought ice cream received a free Hershey’s bar.

The video will be a business-to-business piece that will eventually go on Hershey’s website and be part of a national campaign.

“All of the ice cream establishments across the country that Hershey’s does business with, they picked us here in Youngstown, Ohio. We’re grateful for that. We do a lot of business with Hershey’s, as you folks might know, based on the flavors of ice cream we have between fudge and the peanut butter. We are one of Hershey’s largest consumers of dark fudge,” said Handel’s CEO Jim Brown.

The production crew, which is from Portland, Oregon, is not only focusing on how Handel’s runs its businesses but also on the Youngstown area in general.

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