HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) – Hermitage is trying to find a brand to market the area. Residents identified seven themes in focus groups, such as innovation, family, recreation and growth.

The idea started in January 2020 as a semester-long collaborative branding and marketing project between the students in the undergraduate Brand Management course taught by RJ Thompson at the University of Pittsburgh and the City of Hermitage staff.

Thomas and his design research practice +Public, LLC, designed three logos for the city and hopes residents sense those themes in the logos.

Thompson said all three logos could work.

“They all hit the themes that everyone’s looking for. It’s just got to come down to what the public thinks best represents them,” he said.

Now, the public can vote on their favorite option, which will be used in marketing and communication strategies.

“The amount of response that we’re seeing shows a desire for ownership and a desire for participation, and that’s how a brand becomes successful, whenever people are excited to use it and utilize it,” said +Public partner Kent Kerr

Voting on the three logos is underway but ends April 12 at 6 p.m.

All themes include: innovation, family, recreation, growth, forward thinking, youth, recreation, safety and growth.

The number of votes does not guarantee which logo option will be chosen for implementation. The board of commissioners will make the final decision within a couple of months.

“Ideally, we want people to react to these positively, considering what comes after the logo is chosen will ultimately create benefit for them,” Thompson said.