HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN)- The Hermitage Volunteer Fire Department is looking to control burning with a new fundraiser.

They’re selling barrels to raise money for their department.

The Hermitage Volunteer Fire Department is selling 55 gallon steel drums. These can be used to contain fires or open burning at home.

Over 200 barrels were donated by the city’s waste water treatment plant. Chief Fire Marshal John Flynn says most brush fires the department responds to start on the ground. This could lead to bigger issues if not contained.

“Brush fires that are on the ground typically will take off and go into the woods. Generally, when when somebody is burning in a burn barrel, they they generally have it contained. And it’s so it doesn’t get into the woods,” said Chief Flynn.

Chief Flynn says money raised from barrel sales will go towards a new truck.

He also says to clean any vegetation around a burn barrel so that doesn’t catch fire. Putting holes in the bottom of the barrel will help the fire burn cleanly. And getting a proper screen for the top of the barrel is vital.

“If it’s contained into the burn barrel with a screen on the top. The embers don’t have that big of a chance to get out and catch other things on fire,” Flynn said.

Flynn says to make sure the screen has plenty of holes so it doesn’t catch fire. He also says to always watch the fire in the burn barrel so it doesn’t spread.

These barrels are for anyone. It costs $20 for one barrel and $30 for two. You can pick them up at fire station one weekdays from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.