Heavy rains causing greater potential for tree damage in the Valley

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NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – With heavy rainfall in the Valley these past few weeks, tree experts say large amounts of water and wind could put trees at a greater risk for falling down.

“Most recently, we’ve been getting repeated heavy rains and once the grounds do get saturated, what happens is that pore space… actually gets filled up,” said Davey Tree Expert Company employee Mark Noark.

Noark said when there’s pore space, it creates friction and the friction is what holds roots in place.

“Once that friction is taken away, basically, root systems actually are more forgiving and when we get more wind events, therefore trees are more prone to uprooting,” Noark said.

Uprooting is especially common along streets between curbs and sidewalks because there’s “limited space for root systems to establish themselves,” according to Noark.

It’s also important to properly care for trees, and improper pruning could leave trees more vulnerable to damage in storms.

“If you take too large of a limb, then the tree’s ability to properly seal itself and wound over, then, therefore, it will never do that over time and then decay will start to set in,” Noark said.

Some trees, like softer hardwoods, silver maples and some older trees that are typically not healthy can be more prone to being uprooted, especially in rain or wind storms.

Noark suggests having a tree expert visit your property on a regular basis.

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