Heavy rain means hay for Canfield woman’s horses is in short supply

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Julie Solvesky said it hasn't been hot enough for the ground to dry out

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Earlier this week, we told you how all of the recent rain is impacting farmers and their crops — but there’s another side effect.

The soggy conditions are also impacting hay supplies.

Heavy rain caused the most flooding Julie Solvesky, who raises horses, can remember in 22 years.

“I probably have enough hay for my barn for about another month,” she said.

Now Solvesky needs to find hay for her 15 horses this summer and she isn’t alone.

“It seems like since last year was a bad hay year, too, nobody at this time has any good hay,” she said.

However, rain isn’t the only thing to blame. Solvesky said it hasn’t been hot enough for the ground to dry out.

The alternatives include getting hay shipped from western Pennsylvania or an expensive diet change for the horses.

“To have this brought here right now, it’s about $25 per bail. That’s pretty costly,” Solvesky said.

Typical bails of hay cost anywhere from $3 to $6. This year, however, that could be up to $9.

Solvesky said they have never dealt with rain like this for so long and they will do what they have to do to make it through this season.

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