YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The severe weather we saw over the weekend brought extremely low temperatures, even hitting record lows in some areas. We spoke with a local heating and cooling company about an influx of maintenance calls.

The staff at Clayton Heating & Air Conditioning typically takes in about 20 calls on an average weekend. However, when we saw those frigid temperatures last weekend, there were 267 calls.

“Some of them can’t keep up. The furnace is too small for the outside temperature,” said Vice President Rick Clayton.

Clayton says whether your furnace is old or new, it’s designed to maintain at zero degrees to 70. Once outside temperatures fall below zero, it’s hard to keep up.

“A lot of them are running so hard that yeah, the heat exchangers are stressed, you know what I mean? Because there is improper air across them, especially if you don’t change your filter. Improper air across that heat exchanger, it stresses the metal and that tends to crack,” Clayton said.

According to Clayton, changing your filter is one of the best ways to have your furnace run properly.

“The single one-inch filter should be at least every month. Now, when you get to a pleated filter, you can get at least that six-months time out of it,” Clayton said.

The record-low temperatures and the holiday weekend made for a perfect storm.

“We’re still busy… Still, there’s a lot of no heats, completely no heat. So we have to put them on emergency installs,” Clayton said.

As far as inventory goes for new furnaces, Clayton says everything is arriving in a timely manner.