CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The Steel Valley Dog Cluster is heating up, literally. Yesterday’s rain kept temperatures down slightly, but that wasn’t the case Friday.

Many dogs at the Canfield Fairgrounds were trying to stay cool in the heat. Some owners kept their dogs in the shade. Others were cooling off their dogs with fans. Many owners were constantly refilling their dog’s water bowls.

The Steel Valley Dog Cluster is heating up.

One owner says the heat affects how the dogs perform in the show.

“They’ll get dehydrated in a heartbeat. If you have big dogs or furry dogs and you don’t hydrate them properly and don’t keep ample water around and fans, you are going to pay the price,” said Pete Reyes, champion dog owner. “He’s going to be slobbering. This dog slobbers, to begin with.”

One way Reyes keeps his dogs cool is by walking them in the early mornings and late evenings when it’s not so hot.

You can see Reyes’s Saint Bernards and all the other dogs at the Steel Valley Dog Cluster through Sunday.

Canfield dog show