Health inspectors work to keep fair food safe

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There are 500 food vendors at the Canfield Fair, and each one is considered a traveling restaurant.

The owners have to follow the same rules as diners and cafes all across the area.

Each one has to be inspected so the vendors can legally sell food, and that presents a big challenge to the health board.

“We go around to each booth and our goal is by Friday to inspect them all,” said Ryan Tekac, environmental director for the Mahoning County District Board of Health. “We gear up and we have our whole food staff out there for that. We have a map and we branch off into different sections to make sure those inspections get done.”

Health officials are trying to guard against an outbreak of a foodborne illness. They will spread out through the fairgrounds every day, keeping an eye on everything from food safety to waste management.

“We will have staff out there all the way until Monday. We ensure if there are any complaints that come in; we will go out and inspect it. Our presence throughout the fair is well known,” Tekac said.

Inspectors are dressed in blue shirts with the board of health logos on them. They can take complaints or concerns in person or you can call the Mahoning County District Board of Health at (330) 270-2855.

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