‘He was our light’: Old friend of Bishop Murry’s reflects on his impact

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"He just passionately embraced Christ's path and through his example, he taught us how to have love for one another"

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Since Bishop George Murry’s death last Friday, there has been an outpouring of love and memories. Deborah Spencer, an old friend of Bishop Murry’s, shared his impact from an early age.

Spencer met Murry when she was 16. He was just 21 and working as a seminarian in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

“I know that he believed that Christ was his light. Well, he was our light. George was our light,” she said.

Spencer called him her teacher, mentor and friend.

Now in her 60s and living in Massachusetts, she’s never forgotten about Murry, even though their paths separated more than a decade ago.

“He just passionately embraced Christ’s path and through his example, he taught us how to have love for one another.”

Spencer credits Murry for making her who she is as a person, both in and out of faith, and she wanted others to know his amazing impact even from a young age.

“You felt spiritually healed when you were around George. You knew that you were safe, that you were in God’s light. That you were safe and that he was there for you.”

The two kept in touch throughout the years and Spencer was always amazed by Murry’s charisma, kindness and ability to heal even from a distance.

“That’s because he cared so much. That people mattered to him and we knew that, and that’s what made George special. That’s what made him unforgettable.”

When Spencer learned he died, she said she was devastated.

“I went to that statue, and I got on my knees and I prayed to her for him.”

Ever since she met Murry, she’s prayed for him every day. She said she will continue that forever.

“I believe that he prayed for all of us and so when I say I pray for him, it was just part of what I did.”

Spencer said Murry is “the angel on all of our shoulders now.”

“I believe that he knows that and that he continues to serve us.”

She said the Youngstown community was so lucky to have someone like Bishop Murry for the time it did.

“We all want to continue to be a part of his flock and embrace his word in Christ’s light. We want to continue with his legacy.”

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