(WKBN) — There have been some reports circulating about the venomous brown recluse spider that can be found in Ohio.

The Mahoning County Public Health Department says this spider is the most commonly misidentified spider — lots of people think that they spot them, but they are rarely visible.

The dark brown spider has a violin shape and is not like the common spider you see spinning a web on your front porch. The Health Department says its name is “recluse” for a reason: it hides in dark, dry places like in wood piles or shoes and clothes that have been left outside.

The spider tends to avoid people and bites when it feels threatened.

Experts say not to worry — 90% of people who do get bit will recover within three weeks and reported deaths from the spider bite are rare.

“They don’t want to be found, they don’t want to come in contact with people, they want to stay hidden, so they are not out there trying to hunt people down and bite them,” said Colton Masters with Mahoning County Public Health.

It’s best to wear long sleeves and long pants if you are spending time in an attic.