GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Residents of a local neighborhood say for weeks they’ve been dealing with sporadic water outages that come without warning. Girard Mayor Jim Melfi says he understands it’s a major inconvenience but the project the issues are stemming from will make service better in the future.

Still, those living in Girard’s Parkwood neighborhood are fed up with the water issues.

“It’s hard to do dishes and hard to take showers and flush the toilets,” said John William Huzvar, III.

“We have not known when the water was going to be shut off,” said Martha Scoville.

Scoville’s husband has cancer. She says his things need to be double-washed. She also has her own health problems that require running water.

“I have kidney disease. I’m supposed to be drinking a bunch of water. I can’t do it because I don’t got nowhere to pee unless I go in my backyard,” Scoville said.

Mayor Melfi says all these water issues are stemming from a project to replace a century-old main line on Trumbull Avenue.

“There’s no question it’s a major inconvenience,” Melfi said.

Mefli says the total project cost is around $860,000. He says the outages are due to water breaks during the tie-in process, which should be finished this week.

“We still don’t know about how the pressure will affect some of the older lines in that area. So that’s where our problem is right now and in the near future, so that could still occur,” Melfi said.

Melfi says the whole project is ahead of schedule. Once completed, that particular line will have two water sources with improved service.

“The pressure is going to be outstanding. The shutdowns for water breaks will be nil on that line. So it’s going to be a huge benefit going forward,” Melfi said.

The city is providing bottled water for those without water to pick up at the fire department.

“We’re trying to alleviate some of the issues and give people the ability to get some clean drinking water just to get through day to day until this is, you know, corrected,” said Girard Fire Chief Jim Petruzzi.

Water is also available at Liberty Park for people to bring home to flush their toilets.

Scoville says she either wants better warning or the outages to stop altogether.

“We pay taxes, everything. I mean, it isn’t the best section of Girard but we are Girard and we try to keep it pretty nice but I mean this is just not right. It’s just not fair to us,” Scoville said.