Handel’s Neighborhood receives new look

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+Public is an organization that works with communities on building their identity and brand

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Handel’s Neighborhood in Youngstown is getting a new look, thanks to a local organization.

+Public is an organization that works with communities on building their identity and brand.

“Just offering them an opportunity to make good design accessible, and help them to use that as sort of a linchpin to tell stories and sort of spearhead community development,” said Kent Kerr, co-founder of +Public.

The Handel’s Neighborhood Association reached out to +Public in hopes they could help with their community. On Tuesday, +Public presented the association with its new look.

Tricia D’Avignon, of the Handel’s Neighborhood Association, says she is happy with the outcome and believes the community will benefit.

“My whole reason for wanting to do this was because I wanted to do banner signs, like on the poles in the neighborhood, to sort of let people know ‘Hey, this is the Handel’s Neighborhood,’” D’Avignon said.

The association was awarded a Neighborhood Success Grant by the Raymond John Wean Foundation and will be able to use that money to carry out the rebranding of the neighborhood.

Part of that rebranding will mean replacing old signs.

+Public is also currently working on a rebranding effort in Liberty Township.

RJ Thompson, co-founder of +Public, was recognized for his work on the City of YOU campaign in Youngstown when he was awarded the Governor’s Awards for the Arts in 2018.

He says he hopes other communities will follow in the same direction as the Handel’s Neighborhood to help beautify different areas.

“That beneficial ripple effect, that’s what we’re looking to create.”

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