(WKBN)- Halloween is on Tuesday, and many people are decorating their homes with spooky lights and festive jack-o-lanterns. You will want to make sure you are using your decorations safely.

WKBN talked with Lauren Siburkis with FirstEnergy. She said there’s been an increase in Halloween electrical decorations across Northeast Ohio.

She says this is normally something that’s seen around Christmas time. A lot of the same tips apply to Halloween too, such as inspecting your cords for cracks and frayed wires. Also, be sure to use proper clips for hanging lights instead of staples or nails. There are also a few different suggestions for Halloween-specific decorations.

“A lot of people like to decorate with flammable decor, including bales of hay and corn stock. So if you do choose to use those things, please make sure that you keep them away from heat sources and outlets and electrical devices so that they don’t create a potential fire hazard,” Siburkis said.

Another tip to keep in mind if you use traditional candles to give an extra spooky feel to decorations: FirstEnergy recommends replacing those with flame-free options to further reduce fire hazards.

Electrical safety on Halloween goes beyond the decor.

Many kids will be out and about this weekend and on Tuesday Trick-Or Treating, filling their pumpkins with candy. A little bit of light can help keep kids safe while collecting their treats this year. Carrying a flashlight or glow sticks to be visible is helpful for drivers who should use extra caution and keep an eye out for kids crossing the streets.

Also, keep a well-lit path at your home for trick-or-treaters. Siburkis says keeping things well-lit can help avoid tripping hazards for kids.

“One thing that we encourage our customers to do is please take a look outside. if you see any potential cords or tripping hazards, just move them to the side and make sure that you have a well-lit,” Siburkis said.

If you see a light that’s out on your street, call FirstEnergy and say “streetlight” after the greeting at (800) 633-4766.