It was a few days before July 4 that a Guilford Lake woman, who had just sat down to dinner, realized something was wrong after just one bite of a grilled hamburger.

Sally Tinnemeyer swallowed a bristle from a grill brush that was embedded in the meat. The bristle became lodged in her throat.

The ordeal began after her husband John did what most people do before grilling and cleaned the grate with a wire brush.

“I didn’t want infection from a dirty grill but instead Sally got a wire in her throat,” John said.

The couple went to the emergency room the next day, but doctors couldn’t remove the wire. Several days and different doctors later, they still couldn’t get the wire out.

“For four days I couldn’t eat or drink or do anything,” Sally said.

The pain lessened after a few days. Sally then saw an ear, nose and throat specialist and went to Cleveland to see a doctor. At her last visit, a CAT scan was done and they couldn’t find the wire. Periodic checks will be done to see if the wire pops up anywhere.

Finding the wire isn’t the only concern. Sally worries about infection and has been taking a regimen of vitamins and working with a nutritionist to play defense against any possible infection. She also has a persistent cough that hasn’t subsided yet.

Sally is not alone, a man in Missouri had to have a wire grill brush bristle removed from his stomach and a woman in Connecticut also swallowed a bristle.