Grove City Perkins temporarily shut down after food safety inspection

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GROVE CITY, Pa. (WKBN) – A restaurant in Grove City was temporarily shut down Tuesday after a routine food safety inspection.

The Perkins Restaurant and Bakery on W. Main Street will have to resolve several issues before it can reopen, according to a food safety inspection report. 

Shannon Powers, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, said there a number of conditions at the restaurant that prompted the closure. 

“There are a number of things that make it impossible to serve and prepare food properly and much of that was due to construction going on in the food preparation area,” she said. “There were tiles being replaced overhead and also the floor tiles being replaced, so anything overhead, loose construction or insulation material in a food preparation area – that’s a significant risk to the food being prepared.”

The report said there was insulation hanging from the ceiling, dusty work lamps hanging where ceiling tiles had been removed and there was untreated wood exposed directly above or next to cooking equipment. Also, wall coverings and protective material along the grill were removed, exposing sub-walling material that could not be cleaned properly, the report stated. 

The report also noted standing water in the food prep area and there were issues with the plumbing system.

Powers said their agency can only close a restaurant when there is an imminent risk to human health. 

“In this instance, the food preparation is happening where there is overhead construction and construction around the food preparation areas. There’s no way to safely prepare food in that kind of environment,” she said. 

There were a total of ten food code violations listed in the report. Powers said the most egregious were the ones related to the renovation that is going on in the food prep area. 

Perkins now has to resolve those issues and request another inspection before they can reopen. 

“We would reinspect the restaurant and if everything has been resolved, we would allow them to reopen,” Powers said. 

The Grove City Perkins location is owned by Pennsylvania-based Campbell’s Land Co., Inc., which bought 28 Perkins restaurants in a bankruptcy sale last year. According to Franchise Times, owner Bill Kane plans to devote $12 million to renovating the restaurants. 

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