GROVE CITY, Pa. (WKBN) – Keystone Safari welcomed a baby giraffe into the world a couple of weeks ago, and the community has pitched in to help name her.

The name Keyari was picked by voters. Zara was a close second.

Just a few days after the baby was born, First News got to meet the entire family: mom, Blue Jeans; and Dad, Levi, who at times was a bit mischievous.

Those at the park say Keyari is just like any other baby.

“She takes a lot of naps throughout the day. She can have access up to the public area but she also has an area in the back of our barn here where she can go and get away from crowds,” said Adam Guiher, the owner of Keystone Safari.

The staff says anytime they welcome a new baby, it is a wonderful time.

“It’s exciting for us. The people that work around them every day, watching the families grow up just like people do. It’s a special thing,” said Guiher.

With Labor Day being a busy time for the park, visitors may want to meet and even feed the giraffes, but the staff has one request.

“We ask everybody to stay a little bit quieter than normal… also when we see that the baby needs a break, there are different times we shut the barn down for a period of time just to keep it quiet here to give mom and baby a chance to bond and nurse,” said Guiher.

As the days go on, the baby has become more comfortable being around other people and even has the art of taking selfies down.

The park will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.