Talking with someone, learning about their job. In the professional world, it’s called networking. It’s so important, that the Mahoning Valley Young Professionals held a networking mixer on Thursday night.

Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that will open doors for you. That same statement was the driving force for this networking mixer.

Business owners and employees took advantage of it, hoping to grow the Valley’s economy.

Networking is a skill needed in all phases of life, but especially in the professional world.

Introducing yourself is the first step and a trait Matt Schaade has mastered.

That’s why his organization, The Mahoning Valley Young Professionals, helped set this networking mixer up at HBK CPAs and Consultants in Canfield.

A valuable tool for young professionals in the Valley wanting to make more connections.

“Everybody knows somebody and maybe you get some help with an interview, help with a job, help with a problem. It’s always a big deal just to get that networking out there,” Schaade said.

“Networking and bringing and keeping all that business in-house in here as opposed to moving out to other metropolises is not only going to help us here, but our children and the following generation,” said Kyle Crouthanel, manager at HBK.

This is the third year the mixer has been at HBK.

“We have seen enormous growth with not only our staff, but with the attendees as well,” Crouthanel said.

Michael Thomas went to the mixer last year, too. He’s seen the effects of it firsthand.

“It could be something as simple as passing a resume along or something like that and, ultimately, that could help you land a job,” he said.

Mahoning Valley Young Professionals has a mixer every third Thursday of the month. You have to pre-register for it and tickets are $5.

For more information, visit Mahoning Valley Young Professionals on Facebook.