LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – We’re three months into the extension of the Greenway Trail, outside of Lisbon. Construction is clearly noticeable along State Route 154.

The Columbiana County Park District says things are going as planned.

The $1.1 million project will extend the Greenway Trail, with 95% paid with federal grants through the Ohio Department of Transportation.

“The deadline is to be September 30, and they feel they will finish up well before that deadline. So, we’re pretty excited about that,” said Eileen Dray-Bardon, chairman of the Columbiana County Park District.

Rocks that have been laid down will have asphalt on top, and crews had to do work on a portion of the wetland.

“They got the little footbridge. The bridge that’s going to go over that little stream that’s in place,” Dray-Bradon said.

The cost of the project has remained on track. The park district and ODOT haven’t needed to make any changes so far.

“Because of the cost of it, right now, we’re fine with whatever,” Dray-Bradon said. “I think it’s doing pretty well for a million-dollar project and to stay right on budget this far along.”

Overall, they don’t expect any major traffic delays during the project. Week by week reports are coming from ODOT to keep everyone informed.

The Park N’ Ride parking lot, where the trailhead is, will be getting upgrades as well.

“We’re going to put an informational kiosk there and some benches. When people come in and park there to ride into town, they’ll know here’s what you can find in Lisbon, and here’s some information about the area.” Dray-Bradon said.