Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story contained a misspelling of Jasson Urey’s name. We regret the error.

GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) — About a year ago, the town of Greenville began a demolition project on three 200-year-old buildings on Main Street. The project is still in the works.

Last year, a wall collapsed between the building of the Sportsman’s Hideaway Club on Main Street. The buildings are hundreds of years old and the infrastructure was bound to crumble. Town Manager Jasson Urey said the collapsing wall prompted the closure of the buildings and a push to demolish them.

“The owner did not have the means to address the issues, so the town, working with State Sen. Michelle Brooks, found some grant money to assist with the removal of the two buildings,” Urey said.

There are two other older buildings off Main Street being demolished as well.

There have been some challenges that have made the demotion project difficult to do in a timely manner. The weather has been a significant factor, delaying the process as well as the location of the buildings.

“The vicinity of these buildings is very close proximity to a state road, walkways and other buildings,” Urey said.

Some local businesses are being impacted by the project.

“One of them does have a current business that is operating and another one they have been trying to sell the property for a while, and that has been a deterrent for them to sell that property,” Urey said.

The town is hoping to have the demolition project done by Feb.10. The rebuilding phase will begin shortly after.

“We’re looking at maybe some green space. Maybe some access to some parking. We’d really like to see, especially where Sportman Hideway is, that building rebuilt,” Urey said.

Urey says one of the lots might be used for Thiel College graduate student housing.