GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) — Earlier this week, Greenville’s Jeff Hughes played The Entertainer from the Main Lobby of the Queen Mary 2, where he’s the music director.

“But it did come back easily, the music part of it,” Hughes said.

In October 2020, First News visited with Hughes at his father’s home in Greenville. The previous February, COVID dry-docked Hughes for what he thought would be two months. This past October — 20 months later — he was back on board.

The best part of it, he said, was “a paycheck.”

But it wasn’t just the money he missed and he realized that when he stepped back on the stage and started to play.

“There were a few emotional moments because it was very special. It was something that we missed so much and I know the audience has missed us as well. So there’s been a few of those moments a little bit, and very proud and glad to be back,” Hughes said.

Jeff Hughes says it was hard leaving his 91 year old father, who he lived with while in Greenville.

“But he’s got great care, we’ve got neighbors that are looking out for him, coming and checking up on him, doing some light cleaning and laundry and things like that. And a lot of people are taking him out to dinner and he’s already invited out for Christmas dinner at one of our neighbors homes, so he’s doing very well actually,” Hughes said.

One issue Hughes had when he first stepped on board was finding all the clothes he left behind — all his suits and tuxes. There were rows and rows of clothes hung up in a warehouse. He searched for them, found them, and he said they still fit.

At the moment, Hughes’ ship is off the coast of South Carolina — heading for the Caribbean — where he’ll spend Christmas and New Year’s.