GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Main Street in Greenville remains closed indefinitely after part of a downtown building collapsed. Will this closure impact store tenants in town?

Ever since the building collapse, downtown Greenville has been a ghost town.

Casey Shilling, owner of Carried Away Outfitters on Main Street, says he hasn’t felt an impact on business yet, but during the summer months, things could change.

“Once we get into tourist season, I can imagine it’s really going to start to have an impact. You know, this road they have closed down is a state road and a lot of people use it to drive through to their camping and fishing destinations,” Shilling said.

Other businesses don’t know if it will change their everyday operations.

Fresh Grounds Coffee has a luxury not all downtown businesses have.

“We do have a rear door entrance where most of our customers come from. I have heard a lot of the neighbors who don’t have that rear entrance, it’s been affecting some of them,” said Martin Johnson, director of Fresh Grounds Coffee.

Building maintenance is not new to the talk of the town. In the 2020 Economic Development Strategy report, 267 properties were rated “fair” and 26 were rated “poor.” The report says these properties would require significant attention in the coming years.

Shilling says to get through the last time a building collapse closed the road, local businesses got creative. He says that same attitude is what is needed once again.

“We need to again get creative with that and not look at it as a negative, just a positive to bring our community a little bit closer together,” Shilling said.

Shilling says business owners in the area are going to meet soon to discuss ideas to bring in customers.