YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Christmas is a time to celebrate, but the Mahoning County Green Team wants to stress that it’s also a time to be concerned about the environment and items which could be bad for landfills.

“Basically, during the holiday season, we have an increase of about 25%,” said Nick Demart, of the Green Team.

The big three are boxes, cards and wrapping. The cardboard boxes can be recycled at one of the Green Team’s 28 drop-off locations.

The Green Team has put more containers at those drop-off sites and is running more frequent pickups.

Cardboard is not accepted at the curb because it’s a space issue, not a recycling issue.

“Every bit helps. You got to understand that we’re taking away from the destruction of our trees,” Demart said.

Wrapping and cards are also recyclable, if done correctly. Those can be put at the curb, and it’s suggested that you put them in a brown paper bag so they don’t blow away.

“We do not want foil wrapping paper, nor do we want any of the, you know, extra things that go on, like the ribbons and bows. We would like those to stay out of our recycling,” Demart said.

Anything you put in a plastic garbage bag will not be emptied but just thrown away. It takes too much time to empty, and it clogs the system.

Those at the Green Team appreciate people wanting to recycle.

“Realistically, it’s always important to recycle. I mean, no time or date would be, you know, better than the other,” Demart said.

The other phase of Christmas recycling is the tree. Those will be accepted again at 14 sites, starting December 26.

For a list of recycling sites, call the Green Team at 330-740-2060 or visit its website.