CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Students at Canfield High School have more access to technology when and where they need it thanks to the help of one of their teachers.

Teacher and Communications Director Renee English saw a need for better wifi in the old school building and the need for some students to have computers at home. She recently applied for a grant and was awarded 25 laptops.

“Once I did the initial research, now I have it all. I can go on and apply for other grants, and I think more teachers should be encouraged to try because you never know. This is so much more than we ever thought we could get,” English said.

The grant came from a company called Mobile beacon, which works to provide students across the country with access to the technology they need.

The laptops are equipped with needed software and 25 mobile wifi hot spots.

“I was excited. Stuff like this doesn’t happen at most schools. It’s just like free computers. Some people may need that,” said 9th-grade teacher Chrisztal Cambridge. “In high school, you have to write essays and most of your homework is online.”

Students were excited to get the laptops out of the box and work with them. As an added bonus, students can take the laptops home.