YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Every family wants to be safe and warm all year round, but without a proper roof, some families are left without that protection.

The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC) is using a grant to help with this need.

YNDC received a grant for $1 million from the Federal Home Loan Bank, with help from Premier Bank, to help replace the 800-plus roofs in the city that need repair.

Tiffany Sokol, with YNDC, said this grant is going to go a long way.

“In a typical year, we get about a third of that amount to replace roofs in the city for our roofing program, and so this money, this $1 million is in addition,” she said.

She said it could make a big dent. YNDC says they’re going from repairing around 35 to 50 roofs to at least 100 roofs with this funding.

“There is such a great need in the city. Even beyond the roofs that are leaking, there are hundreds of roofs that clearly need replaced,” she said

YNDC says they typically get started with the roofing projects in the spring, but once approved, it usually only takes a day to fix a roof.

To get a new roof, you must show proof that your roof is leaking before you can apply, but Sokol said they know there are other issues that they can address.

“We do replace the roof and gutters and downspouts. So typically, the gutters and downspouts are done at a later date and so we might replace the roof and a week or so later, go back for the gutters, ’cause a separate individual would install those,” She said.

As of now, they do have a waitlist, but you can call (330) 480-0423 to be added to that waitlist and to learn more information.