HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) – The United Way of Mercer County and the Mercer County Career Center are receiving a grant to introduce students to high-demand careers.

The PAsmart Advancing Grant in the amount of $389,898 is coming from the state Department of Education. It’s for a program that will teach students STEM and computer science skills.

State Representative Mark Longietti, who is the Democratic chairman of the House Education Committee, says the “Digital Passport” program will expand many opportunities for all students, including those in underserved areas.

Longietti says the collaboration will help guarantee the program’s success, and the partners in the project will have the knowledge and experience needed to build a curriculum that will line up with the specific needs of the region’s high-demand employers.

While having students on a promising career path, the program will help ensure that the region’s employers have a continuing pool of applicants they need to stay competitive, he said.

Longietti says that nearly $20 million in PAsmart Advancing Grants have been awarded to schools statewide to support computer science and STEM learning.