TRANSFER, Pa. (WKBN) — A Valley family held a special graduation party Saturday to honor the life of teenager Noah Geiwitz.

Geiwitz died by suicide last April as a result of bullying.

On Saturday, family members and loved ones gathered at the Harvest Home in Transfer to celebrate his life. Geiwitz would have graduated this year.

As a part of the graduation party, a fundraiser was put on to benefit the foundation the family started after Noah’s death.

The Noah Geiwitz Legacy Foundation is on a mission to build an athletic complex that would not only offer a safe space for athletes but also prioritize mental health support and promote an end to bullying.

Geiwitz was very involved in sports.

“Open a baseball complex that focuses on being a good teammate and getting rid of bullying on teams that contributed to Noah taking his own life,” said Heidi Emerick, Noah’s mother.

At the moment, the foundation is looking for property to purchase for the complex.