Governor Wolf’s mass gathering suggestions ruled unconstitutional, local school will still follow

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Gov. Wolf recommends indoor gatherings to have no more than 25 people and outdoor gatherings should have no more than 250.

SHARON, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – Compared to Governor DeWine’s orders on mass gatherings, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf and Dr. Rachel Levine’s are more strict, but both are doing what they think is best and safe for the people.

Wolf recommends indoor gatherings to have no more than 25 people and outdoor gatherings should have no more than 250.

A few days ago, a federal judge ruled that Wolf was being unconstitutional in his mandates. Now, schools are given a choice on what to do – stick with Wolf’s suggestions or allow more people in.

“Right now, we’re still following the 250 people at a football game,” said Sharon High School Athletic Director Gary Revale.

That includes players, staff and anyone working at the stadium.

“It’s a decision by our board of education and our administration,” Revale said.

On Aug. 7, Wolf recommended the cancellation of sports and obviously he’s backed off from that.

“The PIAA pushed back the calendar for two weeks and said we could start if we had a plan, a plan to deal with the COVID situation,” Revale said.

He said the PIAA recommends everyone be patient and understands that the recommendation for 25 and 250 is inconvenient.

“The PIAA did a heck of a job, I think, bringing sports back so did our District 10 people,” Revale said. “They brought us to the dance, we’re going to stay with them at the dance.”

Revale said, in a sense, it was encouraging to see the ruling against Wolf’s recommendation because it gives a sense that things will go back to normal, but for right now and for the safety of everyone, they are not going to allow more people into games.

“My biggest feeling is I want to make sure we have winter and spring sports,” Revale said. “I care about the fall, obviously, and I’m happy we’re back here, but I don’t want us to do anything in the fall that jeopardizes the winter or the spring because I think that would be really catastrophic.”

Revale said he realizes they are in a better place than before and wants to stay there and keep moving forward.

“We were in a really bad place, now we’re in a better place, we got to just stay patient,” he said.

First News reached out to other athletic directors in Pennsylvania but did not receive an immediate response.

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