Government relocation program brings wild mustangs to Southington to be adopted

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SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (WKBN) – For years, the government has rounded up wild horses in the west and helped them find new homes. Some of them have been brought to Trumbull County and are ready to be adopted.

Thirty unhandled mustangs have made it to Southington from Utah via the Bureau of Land Management.

Mustangs have no natural predators and a herd can double every three years if left alone in the wild.

The government relocates them, and this is the third group of the year to arrive at the Southington Mustang Academy.

“I feel like a mustang goes from believing you exist to eat them to believing that while you’re supposed to be their leader. When you bridge that gap, they’ll do anything for you. They will just walk through fire for you,” said Jenna Nelson, with the Southington Mustang Academy.

The Southington Mustang Academy is the only storefront in Ohio for these mustangs and the most eastern location in the United States.

Half of the load of 30 is already reserved for adoption from the government for $125 each.

Nelson has fallen in love with the horses even though her first impression was not a good one.

“Before I got into mustangs, I used to think it was a feral grade horse, like, no thanks, someone else can have a mustang,” she said.

She found Henry after hearing about a “Mustang Makeover” competition to take a wild horse and tame it. She accepted the challenge.

“You start with this raw animal that’s never had human touch and it’s like in 100 days, let’s see what you can get done,” Nelson said.

That was 10 years ago and Henry is part of the family now.

Mustangs are great jumpers and have tons of endurance. There are tens of thousands in government programs.

The Southington Mustang Academy is holding an open house on Saturday so people can learn more about mustangs.

Nelson has been sold on them.

“I want people to see how amazing they are, how well built they are, how versatile they are. To me, you can’t beat a good mustang,” Nelson said.

The open house is not a petting zoo — it’s for very serious horse people.

A wild mustang needs a very knowledgeable person to train them. Nelson will be available to talk with people about adopting one.

The open house will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Southington Mustang Academy, 4198 State Route 305, Southington, OH 44470.

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