Golfers endure the heat, raising $25K for Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown

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A dozen golfers were out from sunrise to sunset Monday and by the end, they were starting to feel it

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Typically, golf fundraisers are usually 18 holes played in just a few hours. But imagine playing golf from sunrise to sunset. At the Trumbull Country Club Monday, 12 golfers did just that.

They teed up and played 18 holes over and over again, calling it the Greatest Day of Golf marathon to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown.

“We have many people pledging per hole, whether it would be 50 cents, a dollar or more,” said Ken Keller, event manager. “At the end of the day, we’re going to tally up all the holes that everyone’s played and they would donate that amount.”

Golfers started playing just before 6 a.m. Brian Velasquez and Nick Braydich completed eight rounds of golf — that’s about 120 holes.

By 4 p.m., they raised about $17,000 combined.

“It’s just cool to get everyone to come into this same thing with golf and the Boys and Girls Club,” Braydich said. “I feel like a lot of people were generous to donate.”

“What better way than to tie the knot or be able to say yes to an event like this, and then being able to reach out to my circle, my connections? It was an instant success,” Velasquez said.

All of the golfers were in their 20s, but golfing for that long is tough on anyone.

“When you’re out here for 10+ hours, and it’s really, really hot, and you’re swinging and you’re putting a lot of stress on your back, a lot of stress on your legs — even in carts, it’s a lot of walking,” Keller said.

Velasquez and Braydich had a goal of shooting 180 to 200 holes but when we talked to them, they were starting to feel it.

“My body is kind of in shock right now, but I’m still stepping up the shot and hitting it,” Velasquez said. “There’s really nothing stopping us. A couple of ibuprofens…but other than that, it’s been pretty good.”

“My back is pretty tight,” Braydich said. “We’re getting pretty mentally drained. We’re trying to play music, and keep it light and enjoy the round.”

The goal was to raise $18,000. Keller said they were already at $25,000 pledged.

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