LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – The Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office is working on getting cold cases onto a digital platform, hoping to solve old crimes that could help heal the victims and their families.

They have a lot of these cases to comb through, however.

The oldest cases are from the 1970s. Many of the files were either typed up or handwritten, and it could take days or months to upload these files.

Some are also dealing with problems, such as water damage.

“I think it’s because the files have been there for so long, and they’re just stuck together, you have papers that are folded over. You have papers that are ripped, have tears in them,” said Kayla Garber, a victim’s advocate for the Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office.

Shelves full of boxes in the cold case storage room still need to be scanned. Workers are using a system called Matrix to help make it digital. Once uploaded, any of their investigators can look at any case.

“Almost like a Facebook page, pull up the profile and it’s going to have photos of the suspects. It’s going to have newspaper clippings. It’s going to have statements,” said Columbiana County Prosecutor Vito Abruzzino.

When a cold case gets reopened, sometimes they have to reach out to the victims.

“A lot of them are either at peace with what happened, and they’re just kind of moved on with it, and some of them are still looking for those answers. So you get so many different emotions from them,” Garber said.

Some may be willing to open that wound and the raw emotions that may go with that decision.

“Take it out on me. You can yell at me. You can tell me your problems. You can tell me all your issues. That’s perfectly fine with me,” Garber said. “But at the end of the day, we’re here for you, and if it makes you feel better just to yell and not be happy, I’m fine with that.”